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xter Systems

“Nexter is a KNDS (KMW+NEXTER Defence Systems) company, the European leader in land defence. Nexter mission is to meet the needs of armies all around the world, through the design, development and production of high-end defence systems, artillery and armoured vehicles for land forces.

In addition, Nexter offers expertise in a full range of key equipment and solutions, through from vehicle information system to C2 systems (FINDERS®).

Nexter has enriched its know-how through the creation of the FINDERS®  Digital Battlefield System, fitted to the French Army’s vehicles, as well as vehicles supplied to export customers, and combat-proven in many theatres of operations. The FINDERS ® system provides a Brigade & Below solution to modern army with a large number of variants for specific capabilities at all level of the chain of command. Nexter showcases the FINDMP® solution with its new Digital Sand Box for Brigade or Battalion level.”

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