24 - 25 September, 2018 |
Radisson Blu Hotel , Salwa, Kuwait

Dr. John L Mahaffey

Joint Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance
NATO Communications and Information Agency

Dr. Mahaffey is the Senior Scientist responsible for the operational and technical integration of airborne C2 and joint ISR for NATO.

10:40 AM NATO CASE STUDY: Artificial Intelligence (AI) in militaries’ Observe, Orient, Decide, Act (OODA)

  • Examining the OODA loop to enhance critical battlefield decision making
  • Adopting artificial intelligence and machine learning methods across critical infrastructure and military to reduce latency in response
  • Better preparation for joint-wartime operations

9:20 AM INTELLIGENCE BRIEFING: Improving the electronic warfare skillset across the GCC

  • Accelerating the development of EW weapons and technologies of GCC armed forces
  • Countering the rapidly evolving threat environment of the region
  • Innovating and supporting the establishment of advanced military technology in the region


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