24 - 25 September, 2018 |

Colonel Dr. Eng. Mohammed Aseeri (Ret.)

Assistant Professor
National Centre for Radar and Electronics Warfare, KACST, Saudi Arabia

11:15 AM EXECUTIVE BRIEFING: Joint GCC C4ISR initiatives for improving tactical advantage for J2 and J3 military ranks

  • Uncovering the issues and inhibitors of the GCC C4ISR process
  • Promoting cooperation and information sharing across all defence stakeholders for efficient EW capability
  • Developing efficient joint GCC C4ISR networks across J2, J3 military rank


9:00 AM EW PIONEER SPOTLIGHT: Benchmarking electronic warfare (EW) strategies to achieve mission effectiveness

  • Localising radar and EW technologies
  • Efficiently improving digital warfare strategies to meet local and international threats
  • Improving mission effectiveness through better prepared EW capabilities

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