30 April -1 May 2017 |
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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Connecting artillery networks

Operation Unified Protector and ISAF’s operations in Afghanistan have highlighted the difficulties faced in fielding C4ISR capabilities and of interoperating within a coalition environment. As artillery operations look set to continue to play a significant role in future theatres, the need to match intelligence to precision targeting is topping... Read More

Why you won’t recognise the Tactical Base of tomorrow

The UK MoD is making headway into modernizing its foundation basis for forward operating bases, centring on C4ISR, interoperable systems and open architecture. Read how networked technology will make life easier for the soldiers of Future Force... Read More


Emerging possibilities in heavy drone technology

Download this presentation by Balázs Kerülő, CEO, Byegravity to discover the state-of-the-art heavy drone technologies, looking at promising use-cases and addressing some of the potential challenges and caveats which must be faced in the development of this... Read More

Enhancing situational awareness with (UAS)

Download this presentation by Major Tapio Saarelainen, Title Docent, PhD, Researcher, Army Academy and Research and Development Division, Finnish Armed Forces to gain insight how militaries can enhance their situational awareness through the use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS). As more and more militaries adopt drones as their principal means of... Read More

Can a small state punch above its weight with air C4ISR assets in a coalition?

Download this presentation by Colonel Didier Polomé, Chief of Operations, Belgian Air Component to examine whether air C4ISR assets bring additional power to small... Read More