Enabling the seamless gathering and sharing of actionable intelligence

With militaries across the world combatting terrorist and asymmetrical threats, the way to achieve tactical superiority would be to empower soldiers on the ground with enhanced C4ISR capabilities. On ground assets need to be strategically empowered to digitally capture, disseminate and retrieve data to drive joint operations across land, sea, water and space. At the same time, optimising tactical communication systems, sensors and weapons with next generation C4ISR retrofits will help achieve interoperability and joint integration of the armed forces. With militaries globally spending $125 billion for enhancing C4ISR capabilities by 2020, land, airborne and naval systems will account for the largest share of the total spending.

We are pleased to organise the 5th Annual C4ISR Summit from 19-20 September 2017 in Kuwait. The summit will address key topics pertaining to convergence and operational implications of C4ISR modernisation, keeping up with the velocity of technological developments, lowering ISR costs without affecting actionable intelligence capabilities and most importantly empowering the solider on the ground with enhanced C4ISR capabilities to offer a tactical advantage.

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Why should you attend?

The conference will bring together the key decision makers and stakeholders involved in the development and operation of C4ISR systems, both in the Middle East and internationally, aiming to create a forum in which these parties can discuss best practices and overcome operational challenges. In so doing, the conference will address the following principle challenges:


Empowering soldiers on the ground with C4ISR capabilities.


Joint security operations using optimised C4ISR capabilities.


C4ISR retrofits to enhance tactical operational capabilities.

Who should attend?


Directors of CIS and C2


Directors of J6, A6, G6 and N6


Heads of C4I


Signals Commanders


Wing Commanders & Squadron Leaders involved in Airborne Reconnaissance


Directors of J2


Heads of GIS


Directors of Space Requirements


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From the following industries:


Ministry of Defence


Ministry of Interior


Armed Forces




Air Force




Special Operations




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